Signature Treatments

For women who simply just need a break from everything to catch some zzzzz’s – the treatment is a minimum of 60 minutes, as this is how long it will take to go into a deep REM-sleep.


1st Cupping Session (30min)


1 Cupping Session (30min)


3 Month Combo
(4 or 5 sessions p/month)


Annual Combo
(2 sessions p/month lay-bye option available)


Sauna Light Therapy

30 min Treatment


Sleep Therapy

60 min Session


120 min Session


Cleopatra’s Milk Bath

Our milk baths are beneficial for ageing and relaxation in every way – whilst feeling like the ultimate luxurious indulgence. From Cleopatra to Cindy Crawford, gorgeous women have always understood that you have to not only take care of the skin on your face, but so too your entire body – to combat ageing in the most natural way possible.

Includes dry body brushing, bodyscrub, sauna light therapy, mini relaxing massage and milk bath experience.

Your choice of either Almond, Coconut or Ricemilk.


Day Spa Experience

(5 Hour Experience)
Package Includes:
– Light Sauna Therapy
– Dry Body Brush
– Dry Body Scrub
– Bath Massage
– Hot Stone Massage
– Facial
– Manicure & Pedicure
– Breakfast, Lunch, Juice, Water & Tea or Coffee


Night Spa Experience

(4 Hour Experience)
Package can start from 16H00 or 17H00
Experience includes:
– Balancing Facial l Manicure & Pedicure
– Cleopatra’s Milk Bath Experience or Sleep Therapy
– Sauna Light Therapy l Hot Stone Massage
– Dinner l Freshly Squeezed Juice
– Water & Tea or Coffee