MultiCare is a specifically formulated comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in which your body might be difficent. Multicare is a plant based multivitamin and mineral formula to support optimal nutrition and to facilitate maximum nutrient absorption

Our bodies are exposed to harmful “free radicals”, chemicals and stressors from our environment that if left untreated can lead to aging, inflammation and disease. Multicare is the first line in defence to support healthy immune, metabolic and nutritional health.

Multicare contains nutrient dense, antioxidant loaded and superfood rich barley grass, beetroot and carrot powder concentrates along with green tea, reservatrol and grape seed extract to combat inflammation and scavenge free radicals in an easy to use four capsule super vitamin and mineral sachet.


Barley green, Green tea powder, Beetroot powder, Carrot powder, Resveratrol extract, Grape seed extract

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For your optimal daily nutritional needs, Box containing 60 sachets, with 4 capsules per sachet
​Suggested use: 2 sachets daily, morning and evening​​
Uses: Nutrient, vitamin or mineral deficiency/ supplementation. Anti-inflammatory support. Anti-aging agent.


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