We’ve brought the REAL spa to life with the modern woman in mind – barely having time for herself, always taking care of her loved ones around her – be it her life partner, her children, her four-legged children, her co-workers, her family or her friends. Her greatest ambition (even if that wasn’t enough) is to make a difference in this world to those around her, and to her planet – but who has the time!

We brought it all to life with her in mind – and we know she wants to:

Have a good “hair day” everyday

Have flawless skin, without the harmful chemicals or hormones that usually go along with it,

Have a clean environment around her, without harming the environment outside her home,

Have beautiful nails all-year round,

Have a break every now and again,

Have a clean air to breathe, no matter where she is,

Have the best water money can buy, as it makes up 70% of who she is,

Having the feeling of making a difference to this planet's people and creatures, with every hard-earned Rand she spends!

The Real

Good Stuff


30 min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage R210
45 min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage R320
60 min Full Body Massage R400
30 min Hot Stone Massage R260
60 min Hot Stone Massage R450
30 min Hand or Foot Massage R210
30 min Head Massage R210

Monthly & Annual Packages

*Monthly Packages

1 x 30 min – session p/week for a month R650 p/m
1 x 60 min – session p/week for a month
(lay-byes possible)
R1400 p/m

*Annual Packages

52 x 30 min – sessions R7 800
52 x 60 min – sessions
R16 800


You may request your therapist for a particular pressure and/or style, for instance Swedish, Aromatherapy or Acupressure, Full Body or specific area – they will adapt it in accordance with your request – freestyle-style.

Terms and Conditions:

– The package cannot be exchanged for other treatments once purchased.
– Massages are to be booked every week consecutively.
– One package is for one Client.


1 Cupping Session (30min) R220
3 Month Combo
(4 or 5 sessions p/month)
Annual Combo
(2 sessions p/month lay-bye option available)

Sauna Light Therapy

30 min treatment R150

Sleep Therapy

60 min Session R200
120 min Session R350

For women who simply just need a break from everything to catch some zzzzz’s – the treatment is a minimum of 60 minutes, as this is how long it will take to go into a deep REM-sleep.

Cleopatra’s Milk Bath

Our milk baths are beneficial for ageing and relaxation in every way – whilst feeling like the ultimate luxurious indulgence. From Cleopatra to Cindy Crawford, gorgeous women have always understood that you have to not only take care of the skin on your face, but so too your entire body – to combat ageing in the most natural way possible.

Includes dry body brushing, body scrub, sauna light therapy, mini relaxing massage and milk bath experience.

Your choice of either Almond, Coconut or Ricemilk.


Day Spa Experience

*(5 Hour Experience)
Package Includes:
– Steaming Session
– Dry Body Brush
– Dry Body Scrub
– Cleopatra Milk Bath
– Full Body Massage
– Basic Facial
– Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure
– Light Breakfast, Light Lunch, Juice, Water & Tea or Coffee


Night Spa Experience

*(4 Hour Experience)
Experience includes:
– Steaming Session
– Dry Body Brush
– Dry Body Scrub
– Cleopatra Milk Bath
– Full Body Massage
– Basic Facial
– Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure
– Light Dinner, Juice, Water & Tea or Coffee


The Real

Pretty Stuff

Hands, Nails & Foot Grooming

Full Classic Manicure (60min) R300
Mini Manicure (30min) R150
Full Classic Manicure Gents (45min) R270
Full Classic Pedicure (60min) R320
Mini Pedicure (30min) R180
Full Classic Pedicure Gents (60min) R320

Evo Gel Applications

Gel Overlay Hands (30min) R300
Gel Overlay Feet(30min) R300
Evo Fill (Buff & File with Same Colour) R260
French Tips R20
Full Set Tips with Evo Gel R400

Soak Offs

Soak Off Hands or Feet (20min) R120
Soak Off Acrylic R150
Nail Repair R30


30 min Balancing Facial R300
60 min Balancing Facial R510
60 min Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial R680

Hair Removal – Waxing

*Sensual Summer

Half Leg R200
Three Quarter Leg R220
Full Leg R240

*Beautiful Mid-Body

Back R200
Tummy R130
Chest R200

*Bikini Ready

Bikini R155
Brazilian R235
Hollywood R270

*Confidently Armed

Under Arm R130
Half Arm R155
Full Arm R210

*Face It

Brows R80
Lip R80
Chin R80
Brow & Lip R150
Brow & Chin R150
Lip & Chin R150
Brow, Lip & Chin R220
Full Face R240

Brow Wax &Tint Combo

Brow Wax & Tint R160
Brow Wax & Tint + Lash Tint R240

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Offering REAL, natural & healthy experiences to our clients is our priority. We believe in healing from the inside out and outside in with a holistic health approach and specialized treatments.